Posted by: suekenney | June 11, 2011

A Favorite Author

I love to read.  I’ve always loved to read, for as long as I can remember.  It’s in my genes, obviously, since in my parents’ house, at the height of their collection, there were several thousand books, of all different reading levels, in just about every category you can think of.  Probably my favorite genre as a child and teenager was science fiction – not the hardcore science stuff that came from folks like Arthur C. Clarke, but more character-driven like Andre Norton (always my favorite, and still in my top five).  It got to the point to where I could devour an average-sized science fiction book in a couple hours or so -which meant I could tackle several in one day, as long as I had all day for reading.  And Andre Norton’s books – no, she didn’t write the most complex plots, but she could sure get a good story going!

Well, some years have gone by since my childhood.  I don’t read as much science fiction as I used to – a lot of the more modern stuff just leaves me cold.  Too much sex, or too much vile language, or too much unresolved angst, or too many antiheroes as the protagonists, or too much pessimism, or too much SOMEthing – not the simple, the-good-guys-win-in-the-end stories I so enjoyed in my youth.  And you can reread an Andre Norton only so often before it gets too boring.

But I’ve found a new “love” in the realm of science fiction:  Timothy Zahn.  He has written any number of great books, including several in the Star Wars universe.  The funniest thing is, he’s some type of physicist by vocation, and puts a lot of hardcore science in many of his books.  But he does it so well that even a technophobe like me can stomach it.  And he doesn’t ignore good storyline or characterization either.  Probably Spinneret was the first one of his books that I ever read, and it was such a great story that I started looking for more.  Now I’m waiting desperately for the publication of the next in his Night Train to Rigel series – the fate of the universe is hanging by a slender coral thread!

So if you like science fiction and haven’t read Timothy Zahn yet – check him out.  My favorites are Spinneret, Icarus Hunt, The Green and the Gray, and of course Night Train to Rigel and its sequels.  He has interesting storylines, crazy plot twists, good characterization, and just the right balance of scientific explanations that the story doesn’t get swallowed.  GOOD STUFF!


  1. I’ve read his Star Wars Thrawn trilogy and loved them! I’ll have to give one of your favorites a try too…

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