Posted by: suekenney | July 27, 2011

To Teach … To Blog … To Acknowledge

Y’know, blogging is a bit like teaching.  You know there’s a potential audience out there, but you’re never quite sure anyone’s listening – until you get some feedback. 

Feedback, especially in the form of an aptly-worded question or comment, is one of the most gratifying things I remember from my days of teaching.  It helped me know I was doing my job.  Immediate (or almost immediate) feedback is great, though it doesn’t happen all the time.

Also gratifying is seeing some of your students years later, using some of those skills you so painstakingly taught them years before.  Skills that they might never have shown an aptitude for in the classroom.  Skills that you despaired of ever instilling into their happy-go-lucky kids’ brains.

I remember one student – I had him first in the primary grades.  Oh, how he struggled with reading!  I tried to teach him phonics, but it was like Sisyphus rolling that huge boulder up the hill – so many times it would roll back down and smash all my hopes and expectations.  Likable boy, but he just really had a hard time with reading.

Saw him several years later, in high school, maybe as a senior.  He was reading something in a school assembly.  I almost cried as he read word after word, sentence after sentence, with very little hesitation and no mistakes.  That was probably one of the greatest moments of my teaching career: knowing that somebody GOT IT!!

Back to blogging:  I’m new to this world of blogging, so I don’t expect any long term results to show up for a while.  But I’ve already gotten some short term feedback, which has been tremendously gratifying.  And now I have my own responsibility:  to give other bloggers some immediate feedback, so that they don’t feel like they’re writing in a total vacuum.

Let me finish with a quote from G. Bernard Shaw, something that as an ex-teacher, I often find hard to remember and follow:

“I’m not a teacher; only a fellow-traveller of whom you asked the way. I pointed ahead – ahead of myself as well as you.”


  1. Sue this is perfect for you !!!!!! Love that you are blogging !!!! Now are you editing proff. as well ??? Very exciting !!! Feedback is great and now you have mine ~ Go Sue Go !!! Keep it up !

    • Thanks, Reenie. Glad you liked it. Are you blogging too? See you later!

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