Posted by: suekenney | August 15, 2011

The Big and Small of It, part 2

Northern Krill

(Continuation of Part 1, posted 8/15/11 – Little Owen and his grandfather were discussing what blue whales eat.)

“Like what, Gramps?”

“They’re called krill, Owen.  They’re a kind of shrimp -”  He saw the puzzled look on Little Owen’s face and quickly added, “a little bit like the crayfish we caught in the stream this summer.”

“Oh,” Little Owen said.

“Most krill are only about two inches long.  That’s about this big.”  Little Owen’s grandfather held out his thumb and forefinger at the appropriate distance.

“Just think, Owen,” his grandfather went on, “a creature this small – to feed an animal that big.  The whale has to eat millions and millions of krill every day just to stay alive.”

“Why would such a big animal eat such little things, Gramps?”

“Because that’s how God made them, Owen.  And I believe God can use blue whales to teach us a little bit about Himself.”

“Really?  How so?”

“How big did I say a blue whate could get?”

“Um – a hundred feet?”

“Right.  And how big is a krill?”

“Um – two inches?”

“Right again.  The whale is very big and the krill very small.  And yet that krill, and all its little krill cousins, are immensely important to that big blue whale.  How big is God?”

Little Owen thought, then stretched his arms out as wide as they could go.  “This big!”

“Even bigger, Owen.  God is so big, He could hold every single person in the palm of His hand.”

“That’s pretty big, Gramps.”

“That’s for sure.  Our God is a big God.  We’re just little bugs compared to Him – little krill, if you will.  And yet God cares for every one of us as much as that whale cares for krill – even more than that whale likes krill.  And of course God doesn’t want to eat us – He wants to take care of us.  He loves us even though, compared to Him, we’re very small.”

“Does He love us better than dinosaurs?  Or elephants?  Or blue whales?”

“Well, God cares for every thing He’s created – like the dinosaurs and the elephants and the blue whates.  But people are very special to God:  we’ve been created in His image, and His Son Jesus died for us.  God loves the little things, Owen.”

Little Owen mulled this over as the two of them walked hand in hand toward another exhibit in the Hall of Marine Mammals.  Finally he said, “I think I’m glad I’m not a krill, Gramps.  And especially that God isn’t a blue whale!  I’m glad that even though I’m so little, God still thinks I’m important.”

“Me too, Owen.  Me too.  Now, here’s something about sea lions…”

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