Posted by: suekenney | August 17, 2011

Can Anger Be Constructive?

Angry cat

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That could be a tough one to answer.  Anger can mean a lot of different things to different people.  To one person, it could mean a raging, hysterical, uncontrolled fury.  To another, it could mean a slightly-greater-than-usual irritation at the yappy dog next door.

I’m not usually an advocate of “the ends justifies the means.”  But with anger, in certain circumstances (not necessarily all), this could be what decides if it’s constructive or destructive.

If your anger, at whatever level, causes you to lash out and destroy or hurt someone or something, either physically or verbally, then it is definitely not constructive and should be avoided.  Work it out of your system somehow. 

But if your anger causes you to reevaluate a situation and take steps to improve it, then I would call that constructive.  For instance, if I became so angry at my uncontrolled eating habits that I actually took steps to eradicate that behavior, then that IS constructive.  Or if I became so angry at the current mess our political system is in that I became a part of the political process in order to improve it, that too is constructive.

We can use anger as a tool to spur us on to better behavior.  Or we can let it eat us up inside, or hurt someone else.  As with most things, it’s a fine balance, not easily achieved.

(NB:  I love that cat picture up above!  What a look!)

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