Posted by: suekenney | February 14, 2013

Long Overdue Update – In Praise of NOOKs

Well, well, my last blog post was at the end of October.  And here it is, the middle of February.  Over three months in between.  I never did get that novel written – I think I gave up after about a week or so, because I couldn’t possibly keep up.  Haven’t gone back to it since; maybe later this winter or this spring.

My “brand new” grandson is now over four months old and growing by leaps and bounds: already over the 95th percentile for height, but only around the 60th for weight.  He’s going to be a tall lad!  Very likely taller than his older brother, who is no miniature himself.

Little brother Simeon staring up in wonder at older brother Owen - December 2012

Little brother Simeon staring up in wonder at older brother Owen – December 2012

And Owen, age 3, is progressing very well.  Such a smiler!

(Can’t tell Grandma’s proud of her little munchkins, can you?)

On another note, I got a NOOK Simple Touch for Christmas.  Hadn’t expected it – hadn’t asked for it – but boy! am I having fun with it now! 

English: A Nook Touch Deutsch: Ein Foto eines ...

English: A Nook Touch Deutsch: Ein Foto eines Nook Touch (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I’ve learned a lot about NOOKs since I got mine.  There are different kinds, which was news to me.  Mine is just a reader; others are of the tablet variety, so you can surf the Web, do apps, and more, besides read.

All you young folks must excuse me here – I’m of an older generation, and all this is new to me.  The technology amazes me.  I hadn’t realized how much you can pack onto these things.  I currently have well over 100 items in my “library,” and yet still have 80% of its capacity unused. 

Granted, a number of those items are fairly short, like short stories or poems, or essays; but there are also some whoppers in there at several hundred pages.  My New King James Bible is probably the longest; or maybe the topical Bible I downloaded. 

And my collection is so eclectic.  So much better than a magazine.  I have a couple different Bibles, some Bible resources, and several Christian works of both fiction and nonfiction.  Then there’s a smattering of history – science fiction – philosophy – farming and gardening – murder mystery – genealogy –  economics – grammars and dictionaries – papermaking – bookbinding – Jane Austen and Shakespeare, of course – and even a cookbook.  Something for just about every reading mood I will ever be in.

Sources have been various:  Barnes & Noble, of course, the makers of the NOOK.  Project Gutenberg, which has digitized thousands of books whose copyrights have expired, putting them in the public domain.  My public library (Flower Memorial Library in Watertown, NY, surely one of the best libraries around), which has ebooks for loan, and also gives access to several books like those from Project Gutenberg.  And now even articles online or various items on my computer, now that I’ve learned how to make a PDF file from a Word document.

Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library

Roswell P. Flower Memorial Library (Photo credit: J. Stephen Conn)

It has certainly been fun, and I find it’s actually changing my reading habits.  For several years now, I have mostly read fiction, aside from my Bible.  Now I have several nonfiction books at my fingertips – literally! – and I have begun to delve into books about history, science, education, politics, and other fun subjects.

So thanks for my NOOK!


  1. Glad to see you are back in the blogging world, Sue! Lovely grandchildren, you are right to be proud. You know the saying: Grandchildren are the reward for having children.

    • Thanks! Glad to be back. Hope to be posting a bit more often. Yes, I agree that grandchildren are definitely a reward. What could be better than hearing those little lips lisp “G’amma” at you?

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