I am a wife, a mom, and now a grandma, living in the beautiful 1000 Islands region of New York state.  After several years of teaching reading and phonics to younger kids and grammar and composition to older kids, and even more years of just flat-out reading as much as I could get away with, I thought it was time I put some of my teaching material into practice on a broader front.  So here’s my blog – mostly intended to center around book-related or language-related topics…but I always reserve the right to blog about whatever strikes my fancy at the time.  I trust that whoever reads these blogs is educated/amused/mentally stimulated/blessed.

Contact Information:  kenneyediting@twcny.rr.com


  1. Sue: I am an Aladdin fan – especially of that story record you note from last April. I am trying to find a recording for my children. Do you have any of the details from that record of Scheherazade? I have been singing all the parts I could remember, but it’s just not enough. “What you want me to, I will do!” “Down, down, down, in a deep dark cavern! Down he’ll go and then I’ll have him! He does not know the old lamp is magic!”
    Thanks for your help! – Henry

    • Sorry to have taken so long to respond – went away for a week or so, and lost track of blogging et al. Anyway, I wish I could help you, but the record is, alas, long gone since we had to get rid of everything in my mother’s house. I think it was given away to a library or something. If I should find out otherwise, that one of my siblings still has it, I will keep your email and let you know any details available. I haven’t listened to it now in years – I expect if I did now, it would sound super-hokey. But I remember those lines you quote, “Down, down, down, in a deep dark cavern!” Amazing what sticks with us from childhood.

    • I can’t believe, when I googled the lyrics, that I found your website! I’ve been looking for years for the Aladdin record. I thought my sister and I were the only ones who knew the “words” to Scheherazade!! You motivated me to look further and I found it. There was a Children’s Record Guild in the 1950’s that was a bit like Book of the Month Club. And I actually found the 78 rpm recording for sale on eBay! I haven’t received it yet, but when I do, I could post you the words. Apparently the cover has a libretto.

      • That would be wonderful! I look forward to hearing back from you with the words.

  2. Hello! I have heard about your editing services from Christopher Hopper. I would like to contact you about them, but I can’t find an email address on your blog! Is there a way I can contact you? Thanks! – Jason

  3. I heard an orchestral performance of “Scheherazade” last weekend and could not listen to it without remembering those same snippets of lyrics from that childhood record. “Da, da fancy gloves, several hundred pair. See the gloves do rise, right before your eyes. What you want me to, I will do.” And, of course, “Down, down, down in a deep dark cavern, . . .,” which I Googled to find your posting about the record. Like Henry, I would love to find the record or somehow recover the full lyrics. That record was the first classical music recording I ever heard. In the 1950s, my brother and I played it endlessly. Yes, it’s amazing what you retain from childhood. Sad that it’s probably lost forever. To quote the song, in the words that follow ” . . . the old lamp is magic,” I say, “It’s tragic!” — Yvonne

  4. OK, first installment:


    Though I’m poor I am sure that one day
    I’ll be a man of the greatest fame.
    And I know I’ll be rich and important
    History will record my name.
    Silk from China will be mine,
    I will own lovely jewels that shine
    And from Hindustan in a caravan
    I’ll receive gorgeous gifts so fine.
    Then from old Bagdad all that can be had
    Will be mine.
    I am sure, I am sure that one day I’ll
    Be a man of the greatest fame.

  5. And here’s the one everyone seemed to remember:

    Down, down, down in a deep dark cavern,
    Down he’ll go and then I’ll have him.
    He does not know the old lamp is magic.
    Ha ha, ho ho, ha ha, it’s tragic.
    I will keep that poor Aladdin
    Down, down, down, in a deep dark caver.

    And Aladin and the Genie:

    Oh, I rub my lamp, rub my magic lamp
    Come my genie come, to my call appear.

    I appear for you, I am here for you,
    What you want me to, I will do.

    O my hands are cold, I’ve no gloves to wear
    Bring me fancy gloves, several hundred pair.

    See the gloves do rise right before your eyes
    Won’t you try a pair on for size.

    Now I’m rather bored so pray make me gay,
    Bring me things to do, games to play.

    Here are games to use, and whatsoever you may choose
    Is the kind of game that’s fixed so you cannot lose.

    Bring me gold and jewels, bring me scads of clothes,
    Bring me these and them, also those.

    I appear for you and I am always here for you,
    I’ve done everything for you, what is left to do?

    • Karin, please let me know who produced the record, etc. so we can try to find a copy of the record or… could you post it on youtube?

  6. Sorry to get back so late. They only thing on the record cover is “CRG” (Children’s Record Guild) “A Division of The American Recording Society.” This record is #207. Address for CRG is 27 Thompson St NYC. I found several copies on Ebay.

    Here is the princess’ song:

    O, Aladdin is handsome and strong,
    He’s the one, only, only one,
    And for him I long.
    O, Aladdin is fine as can be.
    Yes, it’s surely Aladdin for me.

    O, it’s surely Aladdin for me,
    He’s my love, truly, truly love
    And I soon shall be
    By his side, his sweet bride
    And we’ll live happily
    Evermore, evermore, evermore, evermore,
    For he’s grand and as brave as can be,
    Yes, Aladdin’s the husband for me.


  7. Thanks for the info; the record is burned into my memory.

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